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Why you’re not hiring enough staff and how to fix it.

When hiring contact center staff you will often find the number of new staff is well below the targeted number. Besides the market being very competitive right now there is also loss within the hiring process that needs to be accounted for. Now imagine a situation where you need 7 additional FTE for your contact center department. What happens when you ask HR to recruit exactly that number?

Quality of Recruitment

Some new hires will receive and accept a different offer, even before the training starts. However unfortunate, this is a reality we need to accept. Luckily it is easy to measure this phenomenon with a simple formula: #of agents hired / #of agents that started training. So when 6 out of 7 hires actually show up the quality of recruitment translates to 85,7%

Quality of traning

As already known, not everyone who starts their training will finish it. Some will find the job not matching their expectations or will just have a hard time getting to know all the systems. This is the second moment where you lose capacity during the onboarding process. When 5 out of 6 hires completes the training this translates to a quality of training of 83,3%.

Combining the two

With the above percentages for quality of recruitment and training we can calculate our recruitment needs much better. So in order to increase our staffing with 7 FTE we can now calculate how many FTE we would need to request from HR. The formula for this is Target FTE / Quality of Training / Quality of Recruitment.
Or in our case: 7 / 83,3% / 85,7% = 9,8 FTE


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