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Customer Service without the wait times – part III

Can it be done? In Part I of this article I made the case for removing wait times from customer service, inspired by Tony's Chocolonely, T-mobile and Bitcoin. In Part II we looked at some wrongs at the heart of customer service and what obstacles prevent us from eliminating wait times for our customers. For Part III let's dream some more. Imagine…
September 1, 2022

Customer Service without the wait times – part II

In last week's article I made the case for customer service without the annoying wait times. Now let's dive into five reasons why this is not happening already. (On the contrary, wait times are rising in Europe and the US.) 1) The conviction it cannot be done Many will argue it's not possible to get rid of wait times entirely…
August 18, 2022

Customer Service without the wait times – part I

The future of customer service is one without (long) wait times What do you consider the most annoying thing about customer service? A whopping 57% of consumers reports long wait times as the most annoying thing about customer service. Wait times are still seen as a neccesary evil in customer service. And there are certainly some good bots around these…
August 8, 2022

Forecast accuracy dashboard – Track MAPE and WAPE

How do you properly track the performance of your forecast? Use our accuracy tracking dashboard to track both MAPE and WAPE on the daily, weekly and quarterly level. Please note that some issues may occur when using MAPE. Check out this excellent article by Nicolas Vandeput on forecasting KPI's, that also covers the downsides of using MAPE. We believe as…
August 2, 2022

Survivorship bias in customer service

Calling my new ISP Two days ago I tried calling my new internet provider and I was definitely not the only one with the same idea. After a few minutes on hold I hung up and sent them an e-mail. Their customer service still hasn't replied. I'm considering a different internet provider now. They have no idea about my sentiment of…
April 7, 2022

6 processes to get right, besides forecasting

The value of forecasting Forecasting is valuable because it gives you an estimate of what will happen. The more accurate your estimate is, the more value it has, right? Of course the real value comes from being able to act upon your predictions. So besides putting effort into a decent forecasting process, also investigate to what extend you can act upon insights resulting…
January 27, 2022

Why you’re not hiring enough staff and how to fix it

Why you're not hiring enough staff and how to fix it. When hiring contact center staff you will often find the number of new staff is well below the targeted number. Besides the market being very competitive right now there is also loss within the hiring process that needs to be accounted for. Now imagine a situation where you need 7 additional…
January 11, 2022

Forecast accuracy benchmarks: Beneficial or bullshit?

What is a good benchmark for forecast accuracy in contact centers? This is a question we get from our clients quite often. According to Calabrio a 5% error is typically the industry standard. This corresponds to the COPC high performance benchmark of 95% forecast accuracy on the forecast that is used for scheduling. However, Injixo writes in its 2019 contact center…
December 20, 2021