Connect historical data

Upload your time-series data in .csv format or contact us to create a custom connection with your data warehouse, ACD or any other system where historical data is stored.

Analyse your time-series data

After connecting your data, components like seasonality, level and trend are extracted and displayed as seperate time-series. This let’s you understand the different forces at work within your time-series.

Train your models

The fitting function lets you select a representative part of your time-series that you can use to train your forecast model the best way to forecast. That means you are in charge but computing power does the heavy lifting for you.

Fast fitting

Accurate fitting (premium)

Create weekly and daily forecasts

The app is tailored to the requirements of forecasters and capacity managers in contact centers. For your recruitment plans you can create weekly forecasts per queue and for scheduling you can create daily forecasts per queue.

MAPE method

MAPE calculates the Mean Absolute Percentage Error. Low and high volume intervals will have an equal impact on the measured error percentage.

WAPE method Premium

WAPE calculates the Weighted Absolute Percentage Error, resulting in better forecast methods for high volume intervals.

Forecast events Premium

You can create both future events and events that happened in the past. This helps the algorithm to only use ‘clean’ data and lets you customise both forecast inputs and outputs.

Forecast holidays Premium

Use the holidays library to include national holidays in your forecast models. That way you help the engine understand the impact of holidays and how to forecast them in the future.

Storytelling Premium

The names and impact of events are displayed on your historical and future timeline. This helps provide context to your model and predictions and is also a great way to visualize forecasts for your co-workers.

Create departments

You can group your queues into departments (units) that need to be forecasted together. This can be changed at any time without the loss of information.

Handle repeat traffic Premium

Every contact center deals with repeat traffic that you don’t want to include in your forecast. Use the repeat traffic slider to clean your time-series data quickly.

Manage outliers

Are you dealing with missing data or extreme volumes on certain days? No problem, you can manually alter any data point within the time-series.

Team co-operation Premium

Invite team members or your marketing department to work together on forecasting. Never worry about taking that vacation again!

Export forecasts

While we aim to reduce your needs for spreadsheets we also understand that some processes still require the use of spreadsheets. Everything you see in the app is therefore fully exportable!

Export everything to CSV or Excel

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