Uploading data

You need to have at least two years of historical data. If you don’t have enough data you can use our sample data to explore all features.

Step 1: Download CSV template

Start by downloading the .csv template in the data section. This will give you an example of what your data needs to look like.

First column – data

You can use either dd-mm-yyy format or mm-dd-yyy format. Your first upload will also determine what date formatting will be used in the future.

2nd column – queue

This column contains the queue name so you can upload all your queues at once.
Only have 1 Queue? You will still need to add the Queue name for every row. This way you can always add new queues in the future as long as they have a different name.

3rd column – offered

The number of offered contacts on a daily basis.

4th column – answered

The number of answered contacts on a daily basis.
Don’t have this available? You can also put in the number of offered contacts here.

5th column – answered within SL (optional)

The number of contact that is answered within your service level target.
This column is optional.


The column header names of your input data don’t need to match the sample headers’ names. The order of the columns however needs to be exactly the same.

Creating a .csv from a .xls(x) file

If your data is currently in an excel file you can easily generate a .csv file from your excel file. Just click Save As.. and then choose CSV (Semicolon).

Step 2: Upload CSV data

Once you created a CSV file you are ready to upload the file in the ‘Add data’ section.

After uploading you are ready to start creating units.

Don’t have 2 years of historical data?

You can download our sample from the data section. Once you have downloaded the data you can upload it in the ‘Add data’ section.

Select a .csv file from your computer and upload the data by clicking the ‘Add data’ button.
Download a .csv template or sample .csv if you don’t have two years of historical data.
By clicking the delete button all your data and configurations will be permanently deleted.