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It is not just about having access to smart algorithms and loads of computing power.

We combined our knowledge of time-series forecasting with a deep understanding of how contact centers work. Connect your time-series data and we promise you’ll never need spreadsheets again.

Save loads of time

Use the computing power from the cloud and let the algorithms do the heavy lifting for you.

You control the algorithms

Thanks to our glass box design all parameters are displayed in realtime in the cockpit, so you always remain in control of your forecast.

Easy tracking

Keep track of your events and impact on volumes separately.

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Upload your time-series data and start forecasting right away!

Upload your time-series data

Group, clean, edit and analyze your data

Create units (departments)

Train your model for the highest accuracy

Make Forecasts on weekly and daily level

Configure holidays and events in the calendar

Export everything to CSV or Excel

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